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Our Team

Royal Shri


Royal Shri is the spirit behind this company. He founded Brand Redefine Solutions LLC to help small and medium-sized businesses develop an edge to stand out and maximize their growth potential. As a certified IT professional he spent 20 years in Information Technology managing servers, network infrastructure, and applications. He is also a coach and mentor who has assisted people with living a better life. Being a firm believer of God, he is also a spiritual master who teaches meditation, rhythmic breathing, life empowerment strategies, etc. He loves helping people and does whatever he can to be there for others.

Olivia Clark


She is a high energy coordinator ready to help you have an awesome experience with Brand Redefine. She manages our teams to ensure quality results and customer satisfaction. She has more than 10 years of experience in the marketing industry. She cares about your success and will do what it takes to make things happen. Your business is important.


David Thomas


His creativity is endless. He has an impressive portfolio and a knack for tapping into your desired creation to make something that is uniquely yours.  His can-do attitude propels your branding project to the next level.

Maria Jones


She is a brilliant developer. She has a unique way of looking at things which gives new meaning to the word creativity. When it comes to digital platforms and getting your brand in front of lots of people, she is the go-to person.

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